- 3 tweaks in 30 minutes
- simple simple simple tweak for more energy
- a simple tweak to get more flow
- mummy meditation that takes no time but you can do all the time!


transformational tweaking



This beautiful trick helps you to direct your energy outwards and gives your brain a break from the negative mental regurgitation we continually regurgitate, round and round, like a cows digestive system. (Incase you don’t know, cows have a digestive system where they repeatedly regurgitate and re-chew food) .

Okay back to the subject and away from this gross analogy I’ve come up with and onto the point of Mama Meditation.

If 20 minutes of meditation a day (as prescribed by the gurus!) is not on the cards for you (or me) then try this Mama Meditation trick I use to get out of my head and into the moment.

I’ll sit out the back with my baby or take them for a walk and I’ll just sit and marvel at their features, their smile, their cute little ringlets, their special little fingers. I’ll get totally engrossed in just them and only them. I’ll direct my thoughts outwards, instead of focusing inwards. I’ll be there. I am there. I’m fully present when I do this.

It gives my brain a break.

It fires up the endorphins and lovey-dovey feelings I have for them. It gets me back to centre. It reminds me why I work so hard. It reminds me why I’m so passionate about balance.

When I see the world through their eyes and in their time, directing my thought energy outward, rather than inward = instead meditation.

See, every chance I get and

Kids are our ability not our disability.

Instead of dismissing every new tactic to make your life easier, instead, figure out a way to make it work for you and our unique challenges of being mama bears.


For this week only, take Facebook off your phone. If that gives you heart palpitations and massive FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) it’s probably a massive indicator that it’ll be extremely beneficial to get it off your phone.

I suggest taking it one step further, changing your password to something like this ldkajfs;dlkfnaksdnfkajsdnfkjasdfasdfl and then hiding it in the depths of your computer (aka a few files deep) to make it a little bit of a pain to log into Facebook, when you have a moment of weakness.

Now remember I’m not saying go cold turkey here, you can still access it on your computer for designated times.

9 benefits of taking Facebook off your phone?

  1. Instead of numbing out of your life, engage in it instead. Make that bed, do those dishes, chat with that stranger in the line.
  2. Free up brain RAM.
  3. Check your phone todo list instead and make a quick call, or message a close friend or book that doctors appointment.
  4. Chat with your kids.
  5. Be more present.
  6. Stop the overload of information caused by scrolling through Facebook and following links all over the internet.
  7. Eliminate FOMO for a little while and be okay with your day at home with crazy kids, rather than looking at some old friend gallivanting in the Greek Islands.  Hashtag #torture!
  8. Write into your note app, all the things you need to do – aka clear mental space.
  9. Relax your brain instead of overloading your already at-capacity brain space.

TWEAK #6: DRINK MORE WATER - I swear I chant this from the roof tops like a crazy lady, but you’ll never realise how much your lack of water has been affecting your energy and most of all your mood, until you really make this simple tweak to your week!

4 clues you’re not drinking enough water;

  1. You feel foggy.
  2. you feel irritable.
  3. you never have any energy.
  4. you get headaches, often.

I hope you liked this weeks Transformational Tweaks.

Want to watch the Transformational Tweaking webcast reply – it’s LIVE for a little while here.

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I hope you enjoy the tweaks in week 2 of the  Transformational Tweaking series.

Love Jana xx

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Juggling Tip Thursdays: 2 tips for ‘Living’ In The Moment (Even If You Have a Handful of Kids Having Meltdowns!)


Okay let’s be reals, here’s the 101 on getting present when you’ve got a house full of kids melting down and causing chaos.

Mindfulness is a beautiful concept, but is it some elusive thing for us mums? I think not.

This is how you do it, even if you have a handful of kids

In this video I share with you the 2 simple (& quick) reframes I do to get back in the moment, be present and engaged.

Do I have to explain to you the benefits of being present and ‘living in the moment’?? Okay, well if you’re not on the present/mindfulness/in-the-moment band wagon then girl, I’ll hook you up!

Benefits of living in the moment

- there’s no overwhelm when you’re out of your head an in the moment.

- Living in the moment means living in your body and not in the head, makes you feel feather light (in the head!)

- being purely engaged in the moment helps you to stop stressing out

- when you’re living in the moment it helps to melt into the moment and stop resisting it the way it is. The quicker you can melt into it, the quicker you can move through it.

- when you’re living in the moment you stop doubting yourself and start just going for it (i.e watch my video below – I don’t doubt myself and I don’t care if I look silly or crazy, I just be myself and ‘live’ in the moment! Because if you’re truly in the moment, there’s no mental doubt there!).

Watch the video for my 2 tips for being in the moment with kids

CLICK HERE to get the 5-Day mini ecourse “Mama Mindset Makeover” (It’s Free!)

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Method 1. Zooming. First you zoom out of the situation, look at it from outside of your head. In other words, just be a fly on the wall for a second and access the situation. Zooming out helps you to get a better perspective immediately. It’s pretty much like a birds-eye view. When we zoom out, what we do is actually see the situation for what it is. Which is ‘not the end of the world’. I explain in the video, that you’ve got to ‘zoom out’, think of yourself like a camera lens zooming out. Then after you’ve done that, zoom in. You’ll be immediately more present and less irrational.  Therefore more equipped to deal with your handful of kids having a melt down.

Method 2. For scenerio 2  Simply state what you’re doing. We can cultivate a sense of overwhelm in a split second. We think of the 24o879487239472934792387489237 things on our todo list and we go into shut down. Our brain goes into overdrive and we get ourselves into a mind-tizzy. Get out of your mind-tizz and back into the moment by simply stating what you’re doing. If you’re in the shower – you say “I’m showering”, if you’re driving and you go off into a mind-tizzy, you say to yourself “I’m driving”. You’ll immediately (usually) get yourself out of the mind-tizzy and get back to reality. Which is, you can do it. Just take it step by step. You can can’t complete your todo list if you’re in a mind-tizzy!


1. It’s action time. Let me know if you’re going to try these 2 tips below – it’ll solidify the habit for you.

2. Put a reminder on your phone to ‘zoom out!’ it might just catch you at the perfect moment, when you need to get a better perspective.

See you in the comments.

Love Jana xx

CLICK HERE to get the 5-Day mini ecourse “Mama Mindset Makeover” (It’s Free!)

CLICK HERE to take a look at how my online program Mums Juggling School can help you unjuggle your juggling act

 How to live in the moment (even if you have a heap of kids!) – TWEET THIS!!


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Transformational Tweaking: “3 Weeks Of Transformational Tweaks!” (Free Live Webcast Series!)

- how to literally STICK to habits
- how to have a cleaner house with less work?! With this simple tweak. Yep totally possible!
- a simple tweak I do that’s exercise without really exercising (includes demo!)

I hope you enjoy the first webcast in a series of 3 FREE weeks of transformational tweaks.

Don’t want to miss the next one?

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Keep these tweaks in your head all week.

Have an awesome week :)

Love Jana xx

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P.S My girls from my online program Big Dreams Bootcamp have started a hashtag called #WWJD it’s freaking hilarious! It stands for What Would Jana Do!? This cracks me up because I keep getting people telling me they have this little voice in their heads that says What Would Jana Do!? and it helps them reframe situations that would usually send them over the edge.  So feel free to use this, I’ll be definitely having a look on my instagram, Facebook and twitter feed to see if any of these show up! Jump on the band wagon and help me share the message of transformational tweaks for mums juggling… lots!

Jump on the juggling wagon #transformationaltweaking #WWJD @janakingsford

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Productivity without prosperity? you’re missing this.
When I get asked,  why I’m soooo into a no-excuses, no-rationalisations approach to productivity?

It’s plain and simple. I love productivity with purpose. These guys right here are my purpose.

Purpose needs priorities.

Passion needs priorities.

Prosperity needs priorities.

Productivity needs priorities.

Knowing your priorities guides your every decision. Every focus. Every habit. Every commitment. Every outcome.

Every time that I think I need to work 8 hours a day (not possible with 3 kids) to achieve my Big Dream.  I’m reminded that because I have such crystal clear priorities and action plans for nurturing my priorities I am more productive than any other productivity guru on the planet with 8-10 hours a day.

Give a productivity guru (without kids) our amount of hours a day and see how well their productivity concepts work. We need next-level productivity with purpose, productivity with priorities and because we have a family to support, we need productivity for prosperity.

“Being productive at non-priority things = waiting for a prosperity payoff that never comes!


Want to figure out your priorities and choose our projects to reflect that focus? That’s what I give you in Big Dreams Bootcamp. It’s a DAILY WORKSHOP? Each and every day we workshop what you need for next-level productivity tools that create prosperity.  

This is where we make priorities = prosperity. Stop being productive at non-priority things, there’s better things to do. Like go to the beach, play in the park or watch a great movie or read an awesome book.


  1. Let me know below… what do you see productivity helping you achieve?
  2. What are your 3 priorities that need focus right now. Notice I say 3! Anymore than 3 and you’ll be overwhelmed.
  3. Adopt a no-excuses, no-rationalisations approach to productivity. It’s not masculine driven, it’s purpose driven.
  4. Wanna go to the next-level? Want to work out where your productivity can help you create prosperity? – Join us for Big Dreams Bootcamp, you’ll be welcomed with open arms and open hearts.

Love Jana xx

P.S Want to workshop your Big Dreams into reality? I’m serious this shiz I’ve got waiting here is going to blow your mind. Get into Big Dreams Bootcamp to continue our journey together. It’ll one you’ll remember forever and the first class will be one I never forget. Jump + Trust… Click here to turn your productivity into prosperity

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